Wesleyan Accent ~ Summer Remix: What You Missed While Snorkeling

Note from the Editor: The Back to School season is upon us in the United States. Here’s the best of Wesleyan Accent you may have missed while getting buried in sand at the beach (or shivering indoors Down Under). 


Rev. James Petticrew: Why I Can’t Give Up on Church 

“There are some things that I know I should believe with my head, but I struggle because I don’t experience them in my heart.” 




Dr. Kimberly Reisman: The Difference Between Evangelism and Conversion 

“It is better to stop worrying about the results of our evangelizing and instead worry about whether we have truly made the gospel known in our relationships with others.” 




Rev. Karen Bates: What We’re Missing When Multiethnic Women Are Absent from Pastoral Staffs 

“Limits that people try to put on women do not change the identity God has given them as ministers of the Gospel.” 




Dr. Philip Tallon: Two (More) Ways to Integrate the Arts into the Church’s Mission 

“A ministry that sees the arts as intrinsic, rather than instrumental, will already be two steps ahead in fruitfully integrating the arts in ministry.” 





Rev. Paulo Lopes: Taking Discipleship Personally  

“We must realize that organizations, and in this case the body of Christ, can only reflect the sum of the people who are part of them.” 





Dr. Pete Bellini: Methodism on Fire 

“The Holy Spirit is always at work in the world and in the church regardless of the problems that we face and regardless of the darkness that seems to prevail.” 





Rev. Jennifer Moxley: How to Preach a Funeral Homily 

“The Gospel is not just that Jesus died to take away our sin and make us clean-happy-pure people, but that God came to redeem us in our mess and to include us in the work God is doing to mend all of creation.” 




Rev. Michelle Manuel: It’s a Good Day to Die to Bitterness 

“Forgiveness is also a change in us. I can’t control what others do.” 






Rev. JR Forasteros: Can People Change? I Believe in the Holy Spirit 

“We love each other by holding space for people to feel safe enough to be honest with us, with themselves and with God.” 




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