Omar al-Rikabi ~ The Journey Is Too Much for You

Note from the Editor: This weekend our featured sermon comes from Rev. Omar al-Rikabi. Pivoting from the story of Elijah’s exhausted despair after the victory against the prophets of Baal, the sermon addresses mental health, mental illness, depression, stigma, community, and hope. In the context of faith communities, how can congregations shift from supporting a false facade of accomplishment or wellness to embracing the simple honesty of recovery groups? If the journey of life is pressing on you or your clergy acquaintances, there is hope. Hear today a pastoral word on how we can communicate to each other the depth of the value we each have.

“There is still a stigma about dealing with mental illness publicly. When we see someone with a broken leg, we’re quick to ask what happened, we’re quick to help. But shame and stigma keep us from dealing with mental or emotional brokenness. We cover up our need, we hide well behind our houses, our vacations, our Instagram pics. We hide it well.”


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